An online platform for engaging with powerful MindStore Personal Development, Mindfulness and Transformation programs.

About MindStore Online

Are you ready to meet a better you, the real you? Are you ready to uncover new opportunities and explore brighter possibilities, develop your character, and harness your dormant potential?

MindStore Online is about helping people like you to develop by encouraging you to focus on the five fundamental characteristics of an extraordinary life:

  • managing your stress
  • building an unshakable positive mental attitude
  • committing to and achieving compelling goals
  • confidently taking advantage of your innate creativity and intuition, while at all times being in control of your emotions.

MindStore Online programs have been developed over 25 years of global experience in the Mindfulness and Personal Development field. We have our own unique, practical and dynamic approach to helping people work with highly effective tools and techniques for personal transformation. These can support you to find better solutions to the challenges you face, and live joyfully in the present while building compelling futures that truly inspire you.

Our programs are suitable for complete beginners to mindfulness and meditation, but will also work for seasoned veterans and MindStore enthusiasts alike.

Over time, you will build a comprehensive library of unique and practical programs that work and are fun to use: as we say at MindStore - “It only works”

About Jack Black

For over 25 years Jack Black has taught his MindStore tools and techniques to global business leaders, top entrepreneurs and world champions in sport. Hundreds of the world’s leading companies have been clients, while half a million people have participated in his live events. Originally motivated to find effective methods of managing stress after losing three significant people in his life and later collapsing due to overwork, his research led to him to uncovering the five characteristics of extraordinary performance and success in life. Recognised as a passionate, charismatic and inspirational teacher, Jack is committed to sharing the very Personal Development, Meditation & Mindfulness best tools and techniques for improving every aspect of life.

Benefits of MindStore

Increasingly universities and neuroscientists worldwide are recognising that practising meditation can result in significant health and wellbeing benefits including:

• increased energy levels

• deeper sleep

• enhanced creativity

• improved relationships

• more effective decision making and problem solving

• stronger immune system

• better focus and clarity

Furthermore, meditation can help you to develop an unshakable positive attitude and inspire you to strive towards a better future.

Yet MindStore is about much more than meditation alone. It provides access to all manner of highly effective tools and techniques, and can be easily combined and adapted in tandem with other systems for those who are already committed to their routines.

MindStore is also the perfect place to start for absolute beginners and it provides an inspirational platform for personal transformation.

With MindStore Online you can look forward to attracting the ideas, resources and people that will assist you achieve brighter and more compelling futures. The one certainty is that MindStore will change your life for the better and by participating you will encounter any number of positive outcomes that you would otherwise have missed out on.