MindToys: Creative and Intuitive Decision Making

These MindToys enhance your creativity and provide highly effective tools for intuitively making better decisions. Includes one exercise you can easily use in company without anyone even knowing! Contains 5 MindToys + 2 meditations + interactive journal.

MindToys: Walking with Lady Luck

Here you have profound, deep and progressive MindToys for clearing the blocks holding you back from making the connection and enhancing the flow of luck in your day to day experience of life. Contains 6 MindToys + 3 meditations + interactive journal.

Introduction to Programming

Learn how to use MindStore Programming methods to improve your performance and outcomes in the areas that matter most to you. Attract opportunities that you would otherwise miss out on. Contains 2 audio modules + interactive journal.

Wheel of Life

An ideal program for both newcomers and MindStore enthusiasts too. Take stock, uncover insights, find fresh direction and use a powerful range of tools to improve the fundamental aspects of your life. Contains: 9 audio modules + interactive journal.

MindToys: Prosperous Connections

MindToys are tools and techniques for changing your mindset and achieving more. Connect and align yourself with the Laws of Abundance and Attraction to achieve whatever you truly desire. Contains: 10 MindToys + meditation exercise + interactive journal.

MindToys:Turning the Tide

This program of MindToys provides the means for turning your life around. Leave behind self-limiting thought patterns, change attitudes, and tune into a higher consciousness. Contains: 8 MindToys + 3 meditations + interactive journal.

MindToys:Personal Power and Positive Influence

With these MindToys you access higher levels of awareness, change outlook and ultimately your destiny. With the right intention it’s possible to influence all manner of things for the better. Contains 4 MindToys + 2 meditations + interactive journal.

Line In The Sand

A powerful 30 day personal discovery and virtual retreat process created and presented by Jack Black. Discover what has been holding you back and attract what you truly desire into your life. Contains: 30 audio modules + interactive journal.

Rhythm of the Right Bank

The relaxing, soothing music track used on all original MindStore courses for management of stress, meditation and whole brain thinking. Hear of its applications and how it will assist you to reach deep relaxlation. Contains 2 modules + interactive journal

Essential Daily Programming Meditations

Jack introduces and leads you through three very powerful guided meditation exercises. “Programming your Day”, “Programming your Evening” and “Programming your Sleep”. Contains: 2 audio modules + interactive journal.

Benefiting from the Alpha State

Learn to take full advantage of the MindStore dynamic mindfulness level that we call the "Alpha State". Its easy to access and opens the door to all manner of powerful tools and techniques. Contains: 1 audio module + interactive journal.

Making Affirmations Work

Affirmations are powerful tool kit components that will help you to develop and maintain a resourceful mindset, positively influencing the quality of your thoughts and outcomes. Contains: 1 audio module + interactive journal.

How to Benefit from a Positive Mentality

These days everyone knows that a positive attitude is beneficial for both health and wellbeing. This program will give you the tools and techniques to make living positively a way of life. Contains 1 audio module + interactive journal.

Success MindSet

This program teaches you what success means, and how to achieve it, through an understanding and mastering of MindStore’s five critical characteristics of success. Contains: 1 audio module + interactive journal

Study & Exam Techniques

This MindStore program equips you with the tools and techniques you need to maximise the effectiveness of your study time, and includes a complete routine and ritual for your exam or big test day. Contains: 1 x audio module + interactive journal.

Goal Setting that Actually Works! (The Secrets)

Jack teaches the MindStore secrets that ensure you achieve your goals. You will come away with a unique set of tools that will enable you to set and reach goals effectively for the rest of your life. Contains: 2 x audio modules + interactive journal

The Night Book

Learn how to create and use what is without doubt one of the most powerful, deeply personal and truly unique tool kits for attracting into your life everything you need to achieve your goals. Contains: 2 x audio modules + interactive journal.

Tapping away Anxiety

This program delivers a simple yet highly effective routine for melting away the negative impact of anxiety. An invaluable tool not only for yourself but also for those you love and care about. Contains: 2 x audio modules + interactive journal.